Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7.  The class teachers in Primary 7 are Mrs Mc Kinley and Mrs Larkin.  They are supported by the wonderful teaching assistants, Miss Mc Veigh, Miss Murtagh and Mrs Henning.  This year will be busy, exciting and challenging.  The boys and girls will look forward to performing their Annual Christmas Play, receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and participating in many Educational Visits.  This year the children are encouraged to become independent learners as they will get the opportunity to utilise all the skills they have gained throughout the primary school.  The children will be well equipped to make a happy and successful transition to their new schools in September.  In this important year group, our children are invited to develop responsible roles as school leaders.  They will demonstrate in their behaviour the qualities of a Saint Patrick’s Primary School pupil as they become role models for our younger children. 

A key feature of Primary 7 is the shared learning and collaboration between the two Primary 7 classes.  Both teachers will use their combined strengths and interests to enhance the learning opportunities for all pupils.  In addition, outside facilitators will enable the children to avail of a variety of shared relevant and fun programmes. 

In Term 3, the boys and girls will undergo a transition programme which will enable them to consider and reflect on the skills and attitudes required for a happy and seamless transfer to their new school in September.


In Primary 7, the World Around Us topics we will be studying are:

The Irish Famine: causes of the famine, workhouses and emigration.

The Titanic: Shipbuilding, key features, investigating the reasons for its failure, diary writing and exploring associated texts and journalistic writing.

Ireland: Modern history of Ireland, County names and key geographical features and landmarks.


In Numeracy, some of the more difficult concepts to understand are fractions, decimals and percentages.  Here are some some helpful video links to explain these more challenging concepts. 


Fractions of an amount:

Simplifying a fraction:

Equivalent Fraction:

Ordering fractions:

Find the original amount:

Adding fractions with different denominators:

Mixed numbers / improper fractions:



Multiply by 10, 100, 10000:

Divide by 10, 100, 1000:

Decimals ordering:




Percentage of an amount:

Fractions, decimals and percentages:

Decention game for linking all 3:


For Literacy, here are a few recommended websites to help with some areas pupils may find challenging in Primary 7:

Correct use of the apostrophe:,vid:h8VBhDDwbIA

Parts of Speech:

Speech Marks:


Poetry; Figurative Language:



Recommended Authors:

Anne Fine

Nina Bawden

Phillipa Pearce

Malorie Blackman

David Almond

Philip Pullman

Eoin Colfer

Gillian Cross

Anthony Horowitz

Berlie Doherty