Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6

The Primary 6 teachers are Mrs Comiskey and Miss Mullen, who are assisted by Mrs Campbell, Mrs Henning, Mrs Gorey and Mr Harte.

Primary 6 is an exciting and challenging year for our pupils. They are given opportunities to consolidate learning from previous years and further develop their skills and knowledge in a range of subjects. We hold high expectations for our pupils in terms of behaviour, organisation and work.

In Literacy, a great focus is placed on the continued improvement in reading, writing and communication skills. Our pupils learn to analyse and interpret texts and write in a variety of genres – both fiction and non-fiction. They expand their vocabulary, while refining spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We encourage a love for reading in our classes and reading for enjoyment is a key part of our class timetable, with class novels forming cross-curricular links.

In Numeracy, our pupils build on their understanding of number, measurement, geometry and data handling. They are introduced to new mathematical concepts including long multiplication, fractions, decimals, and percentages as well as being provided with ample opportunities to develop problem-solving strategies. Our pupils are encouraged to explain their methodology, as well as their reasoning when solving mental maths problems, creating adaptable thinkers.

In Primary 6, we aim to create a stimulating learning environment with a variety of cross-curricular learning opportunities and educational visits. Our pupils enjoy exploring the curriculum through topics such as World War 2, Rainforests, Our Community and Extreme Earth.

We hope that Primary 6 will be a fun and stimulating year for all the children in our care. We are committed to providing a safe, friendly classroom environment in which each pupil is nurtured. Our vision is that every pupil is able to grow in confidence, to learn and develop their individual talents in preparation for their future. We work together as a team, learning together, encouraging each other, and growing together.

Recommended Websites:

You will find the login details for the following websites in your child’s homework book.

Recommended Authors:

Search ‘The Reader Teacher’ website for lists of books that would provide suitable challenge.