Primary 5

Primary Five is the beginning of a whole new key stage, we start to become more independent learners and we are beginning to develop skills to make us great role models for the rest of the school.  Primary Five is a year full of fun activities and challenges.  Our teachers encourage us to do our best, to enjoy and commit to learning in our classrooms.  Mrs Kelland and Mrs O’ Hare are the Primary Five teachers assisted by Mrs Grealish, Mrs Campbell and Miss Murnin.


During Primary Five the children have opportunities to participate in the Christmas Play and Warrenpoint Feis.  They have GAA coaching sessions as well as Burns Skills School curriculum support throughout the year.  Primary Five attend Ollie and his Superpowers health and well-being sessions and have an annual visit from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service to learn about fire safety. Primary Five have the opportunity to attend instrumental tuition provided by the Education Authority and are provided with a range of afterschool activities, including:  Hip-hop, Soccer, Gymnastics, Bee- Active, Gaelic football, Hurling and Camogie.


Ways to help your child

The following platforms are useful to reinforce and practice mathematical concepts – – Tablesblast


We use The Complete Spelling Programme and www.just2easy Spellblast and Jit5 to support our literacy in school. Some pupils in Primary Five use the Nessy programme.

Our class regularly read and comment on up to date articles on Newsdesk, this can be accessed at home through MySchool page.


Recommended reading


In Primary Five, we encourage the children to read from a wide range of authors and to read both fiction and non-fiction texts.

We have chosen some authors for you to consider but there are so many brilliant authors to choose from if you visit the class library, the library van when it visits school or the local library in Newry, Warrenpoint or Rathfriland.

Michael Morpurgo

Dave Pikley

Philip Pullman

E.B. White

David Walliams

Roald Dahl

Dick King Smith

Jeremy Strong

Enid Blyton

Anne Fine


There is lots of new learning in Primary 5, some of which is outlined below:

  • Place Value – read, write and order numbers to 9,999
  • Round to nearest 10 or 100​
  • Number operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.​
  • Require quick recall of addition and subtraction number facts to 20 and multiplication tables​
  • Recognise and understand simple fractions.​
  • Introduction of decimals 1/10 = 0.1
  • Predict number patterns.​
  • Solve money problems gapproximation, change from £20

  • Read independently from a range of texts and talk about interests or preferences​
  • In texts recognise main points and select appropriate information to support their views​
  • Show understanding of events and characters​
  • Begin to look for hidden meaning in passages​
  • Make good use of the class library showing ability to choose a relevant book​
  • Recognise and use high frequency words correctly​
  • Become familiar with and use class dictionaries​